How to Enhance Safety & Security at Your Event (1)

What are some strategies that can help us better profile our own events for possible security vulnerabilities as well as enhance various protocols onsite and offsite that can keep our attendees, vendors, exhibitors, and even our own staff safer? Join Jeff McKissack, President of Defense By Design, and learn how to better spot trouble *before* trouble spots you — or your events.

Learning Objectives
By attending this session, the attendee will accomplish the following Learner Outcomes:

  • Learn why your event might (or might not) be targeted for potential terrorist attack or even your attendees for more personalized, street attacks.
  • Better understand the common pitfalls and stereotypes that can have us looking for the wrong things and the wrong people that could pose either harm to us or others.
  • Learn specific tactics that can be used to distract us or even lure us into harm’s way.
  • Hear 5+ “best practices” that can be implemented to mitigate such risks.

CMP Domain: Event or Meeting Design