event tech trends in 2019

Your role in managing an event is far more than sourcing a venue or planning a menu. Today's event manager has oversight for the strategic design and attendee experience. Event technology is now a crucial element in surprising and delighting not just your participants, but also your boss, your board, and your exhibitors and sponsors. 

This webinar will help you drill down into the top ten event technology trends coming in 2019 to help you make better strategic and implementation choices and plans for experiences, vendor partners, and platforms you might be considering. 

After this session, you'll know how to: 

  • Have a five question checklist that helps you easily determine (and guide stakeholder groups) whether the new event tech you're considering is a shiny distraction or critical innovation you shouldn't ignore 
  • Choose a new platform or vendor with the problem you're solving in mind, rather than only using price 
  • Find a community of practice and resources where you can find other event managers who have or who are trying to make the same kinds of decisions that you're facing 
  • Use a 3-page strategic planning document to guide planning conversations and assess what needs to happen now, versus what can be pushed to future years 
CMP Domain: Strategic Planning