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How can coffee cost $110++ per gallon? How is hotel water for tea $90++ per gallon? Why is the hotel or convention center trying to charge meeting room rental when I'm paying over $100 per person for a dinner? 

Catering is a huge and important part of your contracting with a hotel and many times, normally all of your Master Account, but it is seldom negotiated. Since catering is the most profitable part of the Food and Beverage department, there are ways to negotiate pricing, service options, upgrades and inclusions, if you know how to do it. During this session, you'll learn: 

  • In reviewing a real Hotel P&L (profit and loss), how a hotel makes money in catering and what areas are able to be negotiated; 
  • How to stretch your budget -- insider tips to maximize your negotiations and deliver a superior event; 
  • Wrapping Up-- How to avoid hidden fees, minimums and service charges and make sure your catering expense is accurate. 
CMP Domain: Strategic Planning