maximize second screen

In today's distracting world, attention spans are shorter than ever, and people are even busier. As a presenter or meeting sponsor at an event, it’s tough to compete with the constant distractions diverting your audience’s attention.

One of the most effective methods meeting planners have found to assess and engage their audience is using second screen technology to enhance their meetings. This technology gives event attendees a direct line to interact with your speakers. You're turning your presentations into conversations that not only engage your audience but lets you gather valuable data in real time.

Learning Objectives 
By attending this session, the attendee will accomplish the following Learner Outcomes:

  • Obtain important event analytics through attendee engagement and responses. 
  • Use live polling and digital Q&A to break the monotony of PowerPoint and keep your attendees engaged. 
  • Transform meaningful messages through second screen technology at your next event 
CMP Domain: Meeting and Event Design