Ten things not to do when hiring a speaker

Speakers can make or break your event. Why would you hire one that isn’t worth the investment? 

With budgets tightening and seemingly everyone becoming "an expert", it seems easier than ever to book someone to speak at your next event. That doesn’t always mean they’ll deliver high quality content, engagement, or learning for your attendees, though. 

Some speakers just don’t get how events work, some planners do not empower their speakers. And sometimes hiring and securing a professional speaker can just feel like navigating a maze. 

We’ve asked two industry experts who work with c-suite executive and event planners every day, Christa Haberstock Colson, President/Senior Management Consultant at See Agency and Sheldon Senek, Executive Vice President at Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, to join us and give us their insider tips on what to avoid when hiring a speaker.

CMP Domain: Meeting and Event Design